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PARALLEL Records 2016

Pierre Bernier – Tn & Sp Saxophones
Florent Souchet – Guitar
Benjamin Thiebault – Piano & Rhodes

Marco Martins – Bass and Composition
Simon Bernier – Drums

Recorded at Aeronef Studio, Paris - March 25 and 26, 2016
Recording & Editing Engineer: Antoine Karacostas
Mixed by Boris Darley at Holy Oak Studio - May 2016
Mastered by Emil Spányi at LDF Studio, Paris
Produced by Marco Martins
Co-produced by Alain Morel
Recording producers: Marco Martins and Florent Souchet
Executive producers: Florent Souchet & Anders Ulrich for Parallel Records
Photography by Caro Photography –
Band Photos by Carlos Pinto –
Design by Paulo Duarte a.k.a. Piky –


1- Petit Malin

          "they're everywhere"

2- Malom's Advice

          "a good advice is worth a thousand notes"

3- Mouvements Sans Abri

          "faut il rester égal à soi même?"

4- Noctilien

          "hold on, everybody just wants to go home"

5- Dizzyng with Jack

          "wandering but not lost"

6- Sketching...

          "setting the strings for..."

7- ...La Marionnette

          "...puppets and puppeteers"

8- Caroube  "Alfarroba"

          "a song from a father's son"

9- In Transit

          "rushing to no man's land"

10- Out of Transit

          "leaving Japan for the 1st time"

All songs composed and arranged by Marco Martins.
Arrangements by Marco Martins & Florent Souchet
on songs 2, 4 and 9.


ROADBOOK is the debut album of Marco Martins Quintet, a whole journey as a person and a musician, where characters, situations and the meeting with several other ways of understanding the world has given to each theme the echo of a story.



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