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"Pile de Disques" March 2017

“Residing in France since 2012, the Portuguese bass player Marco Martins soon established a good network of musicians, to make a solid quintet, and play his compositions where the codes of modern jazz are used to bring out the colors of his homeland.
Agile music, pleasant to the ear, which demands the attention of the listener to discover the subtleties.
Well played/done!”

By: Thierry Giard

RTP & RTP INTERNACIONAL  - Portuguese TV Channels
INTERVIEW 1 - 28/02/17 - From 7:54mn to 11:44mn
INTERVIEW 2 (Extended) - 05/03/17  - From 25:53mn to 34:09mn
France Version
Nº 296 - 08/02/17
Cover and Interview on pag. 7
By: Carlos Pereira


“kronik express”

December 2016 - January 2017

The compositions from the Portuguese bass player, living in Paris since 2012, translate mental and emotional sates, born from the contrasts between his memories from the Algarve (region of Portugal) and the energetic Parisian way of life.
The result is a “road book”, supported by a collective formed in 2014 and which developed over several artistic residences and concerts.
Complexity of themes and arrangements and a good alliance of tones are the main characteristics.
Seductive enough to make you want to discover and follow."

By: Jacques Aboucaya

Jazz Magazine


Radio Program -  Antena 1 - Portugal

Broadcasted the 31st October 2016

“(…) His name is Marco Martins, plays “a double bass plugged into the electric current”, lives in Paris (…) and sometimes comes to Portugal (…).
We are going to hear him and his French mates, four in this case , in his CD Roadbook. (…)
Petit Malin is the name of the song, and it's connected to Marco Martins, the bass of this group, with an upcoming interview for the Jazz site of the Aveiro’s University:
Marco, the Jazz emigrant… a good guy! (…).”

By: José Duarte


Online Radio Program -  Canal Extremadura - Spain

Broadcasted the 26th October 2016
Marco Martins Quintet from 19.57mn to 32.35mn

“And now to Portugal and also Paris...
There we can find a musician bonded to Extremadura and several of its musicians, with whom he developed several projects and academic work in the University of Évora (...).
Marco Martins, is a bass player from Algave, in the south of Portugal, that moved to Paris four years ago and is now releasing his first work as a band leader. (…)
We talk about ROADBOOK, the 1st album from this bass player with a sensational musical project.
Marco Martins is well known and appreciated for many Extremadura's musicians with whom he shared classes, combos and his graduation recital at Évora's University.
He lives in Paris since the end of 2012, (…) and there he found a fantastic group of musicians (…) Pierre Bernier on tenor and soprano saxophones, Florent Souchet on guitar, and from who we just listened a fantastic solo (refers to Malom’s Advice - track 2 - ROADBOOK), Benjamin Thiebault on piano and fender Rhodes and Simon Bernier on drums. Composition and  Alma Mater of Marco Martins.
ROADBOOK is a work that we will continue to present and discover here on Ahora Jazz, Canal Extremadura (…).”

By: Javier del Barco

Printed Version:

The Jazz of the Portuguese Diaspora

Marco Martins
ROADBOOK (Parallel Records)

"There are many things in common between Martins and Pereira. The two were born in the late 70’s, they are great performers on the stringed instruments (acoustic bass guitar for the 1st and guitar for the 2nd) and they both stood out on the competitive Jazz scene of a big European capital (Paris and London respectively), where they lead a quintet with “local” musicians.
The CDs they released in 2016 (the 1st for Martins and the 2nd for Pereira) are also similar: Jazz with a traditional vibe, discrete rock influences, a composition work developed with care and arrangements that stand out the collective. They are albums where the music flows easily - in and out of your memory - and where the atmosphere is relaxed and smooth. (...)”


By: José Carlos Fernandes
Time Out Lisboa 12-18 October 2016

Time Out Lisboa 12-18 Outubro 2016

Internet Version:

Marco Martins
"The Portuguese Jazz keeps on expanding in and out of borders – The quintet formed by the bassist Marco Martins with French musicians it’s based in the “City of Lights” and just released its first Album.
ROADBOOK (Parallel Records) it’s the debut album of the “French Quintet” of Marco Martins, a Portuguese that moved to Paris and whose instrument is an acoustic bass made by measure, and which combines the characteristics of an electric bass and a double bass. (...)”

By: José Carlos Fernandes
Published the 14th October 2016 in

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