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Pierre Bernier – saxophones
Florent Souchet – guitar
Benjamin Thiebault – piano & rhodes

Marco Martins – bass and composition
Simon Bernier – drums

Marco Martins Quintet is a Jazz project formed in 2015 and led by the bassist/composer Marco Martins, which seeks to explore in his music contrasting concepts an emotional landscapes, equally inspired by his Portuguese roots, in Algarve, and by Paris, the complex city, to where he moved four years ago.

ROADBOOK is the debut album of the quintet, a whole journey as a person and a musician, where characters, situations and the meeting with several other ways of understanding the world has given to each theme the echo of a story.

The result is a dynamic project, full of complicity, where everything is arranged with care, highlighting the alliance of the tenor sax and guitar, backed by a strong rhythm section. The originality of the whole, striking and allowing the discovery of new sounds and harmonies, is waiting to be shared with you!

“After all, the best way to travel is to feel.

To feel everything in every way.

To feel everything excessively

Because all things are, in truth, excessive

And all reality is an excess, a violence,

An extremely vivid hallucination

That we all live in common with the fury of the souls,

The center to which tend the strange centrifugal forces

That are human psyches in their harmony of senses. (...)”

Excerpt from “After all”

Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa)

in “Poemas”

Pierre Bernier
Florent Souchet
Benjamin Thiebault
Marco Martins
Simon Bernier
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